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2000 of these magazines are printed per month. 1500 are delivered door to door and the remaining 500 are distributed between outlets, eateries and local businesses.

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Areas covered by the Southwold Organ:

Southwold, Halesworth, Aldeburgh, Lowestoft, Beccles, Saxmundham, Leiston, Suffolk Coastal Districrt, East Suffolk – and more!

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November Edition

Southwold welcomes a new Town and Community Co-ordinator and a new Community Engagement Coordinator at The Old Hospital Hub – and they would both like to hear your thoughts and ideas, which will benefit the town and community. Do get in touch! More details on page 11. 


October Edition

We felt we had to mark the Queen’s passing this month, hence our cover. Like most people she is the only monarch I have ever known and it felt like she would be with us forever. A truly remarkable 70 year reign it is hard to find fault with. Whatever your views on Royalty you can’t help but admire her dedication, hard work (how many people work for 70 years of their life?) and sense of duty – the likes of which I doubt we will ever see again. 


September Edition

I hesitated to use another photo of the sea for the cover this month but the shot of the last super moon of the year, taken by Jonathan Hadgraft, is so eye catching it had to be done! 

Prepare for a coastal invasion! The Southwold Sausage Walk returns in October and organisers are hoping a representative for the Guiness World Records will attend, and a world record may be broken! This event has grown rapidly, a lovely social occasion – and not too bad for local businesses I should imagine. If you have a short-legged furry friend why not get involved? I wish them the best of luck with their world record attempt.