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Turn any photo into a personalised canvas print and brighten up your home, workplace or a loved one’s day.

 Professional Canvas Printing Services

Do you have a bunch of holiday photos that you want to do something with? Want to display your wedding photos in a bolder, more extravagant way? Whether you’ve had professional family portraits done or want to give a thoughtful gift to family or friends, canvas prints are the number one option!

Our canvas printing services also extend to canvas boards, so if you are a business that would like to use their company imagery to their best advantage, canvas boards are the ideal solution.

Canvas Print Product Size Guide

At Leiston Press, we offer high-quality canvas prints to suit your individual needs. No matter what sizes you require, we guarantee that our print quality is consistent with every canvas we produce.

Landscape, portrait, collage or varying specifications, we can print it all. If you have images worthy of wall space, let them take pride of place by using a first-class printer. Talk to us today about what size canvas you would like printed.

Suffolk-based Canvas Printing

A fast turnaround at competitive prices, we can meet any budget and time constraints whist still producing great quality canvas prints and boards. Our team is dedicated and committed to ensuring your prints are produced to the highest standards.

Based in Suffolk, Leiston Press is comprised of an expert team and advanced technology to print without compromise. We take care and pride with every print, so come and see for yourself by ordering with us today.

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 Custom Canvas Design & Print

We understand that every client’s need will be different, especially when it comes to printing photography. Although the images will be different, for commercial compared to domestic, the print quality will always be professional.

All you have to do is upload your image and send it to us, along with your print requirements, and we’ll do the rest. Alternatively, you can pop into our studio with your image and one of our graphic designers can help design your print. Let us know what you’d prefer!

Custom Canvas Print Options

Transferring your favourite photos onto canvas couldn’t be easier when you come to Leiston Press. We know how much you love your photos so we will look after them and make sure they come out the best every time.

All of our canvases are printed on a stretch canvas material and then wrapped around a wooden frame. For an expert finish, we make sure to use tape to cover the fixings, so the result is seamlessly striking.

Luxury Canvas Prints

Whether you require a canvas print or board, no matter what you want to use your canvas for, make sure you always choose us for your canvas printing needs.

Contact our team today by filling out our contact form or calling 01728 833003.