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Leiston Press can provide the perfect publishing for every kind of publisher, combining quality and quantity with versatility.

Book Printing Services

No matter what story you want to tell, we can help you create the best possible reading experience for your readers. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, maybe it’s recipes or poetry, by working closely together, your vision can become a reality.

We understand the time, effort and commitment that goes into crafting a masterpiece, especially when it is something of your own, so our team are willing to match it. With our extensive book printing services, knowledge and expertise, we provide publishing that you can rely on. 

Book Printing Service Guide

At Leiston Press we offer the following book self-publishing services:

  1. Devising your book design – Everyone knows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all know it’s got to catch the eye of the reader. We will help you design the ideal book cover that completely matches your written work whilst standing out from the rest of the shelf.
  2. Retyping your manuscript – Do you have an old or handwritten manuscript that just kept on evolving until the end? Have no fear, our retyping service will help you retype your audio tape or typescript to create a brand-new, electronic version that is ready to rework, send off or publish.
  3. Typesetting – We also offer a typesetting service that transforms your manuscript into actual pages in a book! With the correct margins and spacing as well as page numbers and chapters, your work of art will begin to look like the real deal.
  4. Supplying ISBN Numbers – If you want your book to be distributed in the book industry commerce chain, then it requires its own individual and unique ISBN number. Luckily, we have the ability to supply ISBN numbers so you can have peace of mind.

Suffolk-based Book & Self-Publishing Printers

At Leiston Press, we strive to make book printing as simple and stress-free as possible. We want to make this part of your book creation experience as memorable as the writing and as exciting as we can.

Although we are a Suffolk-based printing company, we operate nationwide, producing however many copies you require whilst providing the same dedicated service for every customer. Your project is important to us which is why we want to get to know the person behind it and understand exactly what they desire. 

Custom Book Design & Print

Every book is just as unique as their author which is why we are committed to helping every individual writer create the book that they have always envisioned. Producing top quality books is always important to us but to help and guide authors through the entire process to achieve their perfect finish, that is the priority.

Custom Book & Self-Publishing Options

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we provide a number of different options to help build the book that is tailored to you. Hardback or paperback, perfect bound or saddle stitch, A4 or A5, you choose, and we will print.

The paper you choose should look and feel high quality, reflecting your hard work and passion. We have a choice of uncoated or coated paper; uncoated paper is the paper you find in traditional books and coated paper is commonly used for publications with imagery. 

We offer advanced colour printing so every letter and every colour, inside the book and on the cover, is sharp and crisp. If you want your cover to grab people’s attention, you can trust our printers to do so. Whether you want matte or glossy or textured, we have the capabilities to achieve any design you require.

Luxury Book & Self-Publishing Services

We cater to every style, every genre, every author so we can guarantee that you will be satisfied by coming to Leiston Press. We understand the importance of getting the publishing of your book exactly right which is why we pay great attention to detail and only use the most advanced printing technology.

Get in touch with us today and tell us about your project so we can help you obtain the highest quality printed copies at the best price. Fill out the form on our contact page or give us a call for more information and one of our friendly team members would be happy to help!