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One of our most popular printing services at Leiston Press is flyer and leaflet printing. Clients across Suffolk & East Anglia come to us regularly to add custom leaflets to their print campaigns.

Leaflet Printing Services

Remaining as one of the best ways to advertise businesses and special offers, flyers and leaflets are still a common request for our customers across Suffolk. We believe that you can truly make an impact with a high-quality leaflet specifically designed for your business.

Have you got a special discount or other exciting news? Do you just want to shout about your company and encourage new customers to pay a visit? Spread the word with an informative yet exciting leaflet you can create from our wide range of design options!

Leaflet Printing & Design | Leiston Press

Leaflet Printing & Design

It’s true, you could just send an email to existing customers with your deals and offers, but where’s the fun in that? Print marketing is rare nowadays, so flyers and leaflets are like gold dust to customers. Make sure you get noticed by utilising this attention-grabbing marketing tool.

At Leiston Press, we use state-of-the-art digital presses to ensure quality, turnaround speed and competitive prices. This modern-day precision technology guarantees that your leaflet will be printed to the highest standards and capture your creativity.

Leaflet Printing Size Guide

Our available sizes range from A6 to A4, which are the perfect size to insert into local magazines and newspapers, but also to include all the essential information you wish to tell your customers. 

We offer the option of different paper types and weights as well, with a range of finishes. With such a wide selection of sizes and paper types to choose from, including bespoke sizes measure to your specification, we can help make your vision into a reality.  

Leaflet Printing Size Guide | Leiston Press

Leaflet Printing Suffolk

Custom Leaflet Printing

Our custom leaflet design and print services give you the ability to make unique marketing materials for your business. With your needs and requirements in mind, you can work together with our design team to create useful flyers and leaflets that can promote your company wherever they are distributed. Our custom Suffolk leaflet printing can still be a particularly powerful marketing tool.

Folded Leaflets

From single sided to double sided, flat to folded leaflets, you can tailor the structural elements to maximise the amount of information you want communicated to your target audience.

Folded leaflets give you the ability to present your company information in an organised and clear way. Your customer will be able to find what they’re looking for easily whilst also have access to additional information. They can also be displayed in public places so your marketing material can be seen by a wider audience. 

Go for a classic half fold or opt for more page space with a roll fold: you can achieve up to 8 pages with a roll fold! Just like a double gate, a gate fold opens up to reveal everything you want to say about your business. Finally, another classic, the z fold; each fold provides a new experience and looks extra jazzy.

Leaflet Paper Types

We have a wide range of paper to choose from, including weights of 130gsm and 150gsm. A shiny and reflective glossy finish is ideal if you want to showcase high quality imagery and vibrant colours. Another popular option is a silk finish which is smoother but still has a slight sheen. Finally, matte paper can enhance contrast with no glare at all. If you can’t decide which finish you would like, we can offer creative advice and help pick the right one for your project.

Leaflet Printing & Design | Flyers | Leiston Press
Plomesgate Fair Leaflets – Luxury Leaflets from Leiston Press

Luxury Leaflets

If you have a print-ready flyer or leaflet design, simply upload and email your artwork and request and we will do the rest! After nearly 40 years in business, Leiston Press are experts and can handle any enquiry.

Need to discuss your leaflet printing needs further? Fill out the form on our contact page or call our friendly team on 01728 833003.

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