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“Our aim at Leiston Press is to provide the very best in customer service with high quality production to match. We offer a competitive pricing structure, whether you are looking for lithographic, digital, signage, vehicle graphics, promotional, publishing or marketing and advertisement” – Glenn Barnes, Founder of Leiston Press

The Creation of Leiston Press

At the age of 16, Glenn Barnes took an interest in printing, treating himself to an Adana letterpress machine. Using his parents’ garage as his office, he soon filled his evenings with printing invitations and business cards.

With his growing love for print, he went to college to study to more modern lithographic side. Two years later in 1981, at the age of 18, Glenn purchased his first single colour lithographic press. This was when Leiston Press was born.

The Growth of Leiston Press

His parents owned a bookshop, so Glenn advertised Leiston Press on the outside of their shop to bring business in. On quieter days, Glenn would put on a suit and carry a briefcase filled with samples around local towns. He would leave his business card in as many shops, pubs and restaurants as he could.

From this on-foot marketing, he found himself working all hours to keep up with the workload. This led to being able to afford employing help and moving to a bigger premises; this was an old tinsel factory in Leiston.

In 1989, he married his wife Louise who then joined the company to help with bookwork. Even though she was juggling children and accounts, wages and invoicing was always completed.

After purchasing new equipment, such as lithographic presses, finishing machinery and taking on more employees, Glenn was running out of space again. So, Leiston Press moved to a larger unit on Masterlord Industrial Estate, Leiston.

Family Connections

In 2007, Glenn’s son Lee joined Leiston Press to run the first print production digital presses. After soon learning to run all the machinery, including the lithographic and finishing equipment, he trained new members of staff. This was so he could throw himself into signage and vehicle graphics. Lee worked closely with Glenn, investing heavily in signage equipment, introducing both products to the business. Then, in 2017, Lee was appointed as Managing Director.

In 2009, Glenn’s daughter Annie joined Leiston Press. She trained in all areas of design for signage, print, publishing, packaging and promotional items. At this point, Leiston Press found itself to be competing strongly in all areas of the UK. With the expansion of the business, Annie joined Louise in Accounts, as well as leading the design team. In 2017, Annie was appointed as Design and Finance Director.

In 2010, Sophie Marie joined Leiston Press, beginning her own career in design for signage, print, publishing, packaging and promotional items. Working her way up through the production side of the business, she soon became Production Manager. Sophie Marie will always make sure every order is recorded, carried out and completed on time – if not before. In 2017, Sophie Marie was appointed as Production Director.

Leiston Press Signage and Printing Services

Over the years, Glenn has overseen the company’s growth into a mature, dynamic and successful printing business. There is clear recognition that good staff are the key to success in any business.

After the introduction of Signage, additional machinery, employees and workload, the premises needed to be expanded again. So, in 2014, Glenn purchased a larger unit that adjoined the current premises.

This required a lot of refurbishment, including a full roof replacement, large industrial gutter replacement, new warehouse flooring, roller doors and temperature-controlled air conditioning. With Lee, Annie and Sophie Marie putting their stamp on Leiston Press’ new, modern look, this space was perfectly suited to house the new products we manufacture.

Carbon Capture Scheme

For two years now, Leiston Press has been part of the Carbon Capture Scheme in association with the Woodland Trust.

We’re passionate about contributing to the reduction of CO2, so we joined this scheme which plants trees across the UK. Our plans for the future are also environmentally friendly, with the hope of investing in solar energy and electric vehicles.

If you have any questions about our products or would like a quote, please get in contact with us on 01728 833003 or email