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Create that ‘wow’ factor with custom printed wallpaper personalised to your very own design!

 Custom Wallpaper Printing Services

Bring your blank walls to life with custom printed wallpaper tailored to exactly what you desire. What view would you like to see every day? Do you have a favourite picture which you don’t think a frame does it justice? Turn it into a custom wallcovering!

If you’re bored of the same four walls in your office or if you can’t choose a new colour to paint your living room or bedroom, choose our wallpaper printing services instead. With more possibilities available, let your imagination completely transform your space!

Custom Printed Wallpaper | Printing Size Guide | Leiston Press

Custom Printed Wallpaper Product Size Guide

Custom printed wallpaper has been designed to create an impact as soon as you walk into a space. No matter what size the room is, our personalised wall coverings are custom-made to fit your wall size.

Even though each drop is made at a maximum of 1200mm wide with an overlay of 10mm, we can assure you that this will fit any room. We understand every space is different and what a way to make your space stand out even more than with unique wallpaper designed just for you.

Suffolk-based Custom Wallpaper Printing

At Leiston Press, a Suffolk-based printer offering full design and print services, we have made it easy to create your very own customised wallcovering. We do it in 3 easy steps:

  1. Simply send us your wall measurements and your chosen image(s).
  2. We will crop the image(s) where needed and send you a proof for approval.
  3. Once everything is confirmed, we’ll produce your personalised wallpaper and deliver it directly to your door! Or one of our professional installers can fit it for you.

So simple and efficient, why go looking anywhere else?

Custom Printed Wallpaper | Custom Wallpaper Printing | Leiston Press

 Custom Printed Wallpaper Design & Print

Imagine designing a feature wall displaying your most treasured holiday pictures. How much would your child love a Muriel of their favourite film character? Make your office space more calming and relaxing by printing a landscape setting for your wall. The choices are endless!

If you have your own images for your customer wallpaper, great! If not, browse iStock or Shutterstock from which you can download great high-quality images – always make sure to check the copyright licence details though.

Custom Printed Wallpaper | Custom Wallpaper Options | Leiston Press

Custom Printed Wallpaper Options

Suitable for all indoor applications, our custom printed wallpaper services are a great solution for domestic use or even industry sectors. Make your retail space more branded, display useful information in a museum, or entice your customers to your restaurant all with custom wallcoverings.

We generally use a self-adhesive vinyl for our wall coverings, but we also offer wallpaper. Like standard wallpapers, our printed wallpaper should be applied using paste after efficient preparation, smoothing and dusting. Our paper is always high-quality and has a soft feel to the surface whilst being incredibly durable. All of our wall covering vinyls are matt laminated, protecting them from all sorts of damage, guaranteeing a longer life. A professional finish is always ensured from Leiston Press, leaving you with eye-catching, one of a kind walls.

Custom Wallpaper Printing from Leiston Press

Doesn’t this sound amazing? If you want your space to say something truly individual about you or your business, custom printed wallpaper is the way to go!

If you have any queries at all about creating your custom wallcoverings, call our friendly team on 01728 833003 and they’ll talk you through the options.