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September Edition

It seems way too soon to mention Christmas but the Leiston Events team have to plan ahead for the great community get-togethers they bring to us so do get in touch with them if you would like to take part in Leiston’s Christmas Fair, our new-found freedom must be good reason to celebrate! See page 4 

August Edition

Exciting new plans for Leiston’s Town Centre are revealed! Long overdue, it will create a much better town centre experience for locals and visitors alike– everyone in Leiston should receive a newsletter with full details of the proposals this month. 

July Edition

With tackling climate change very much at the forefront of recent news Alde Valley Academy students have got on board with The Net Zero Leiston Project (‘NZL’). A full energy and waste audit of the school highlighted some recommendations for tackling energy inefficiency and carbon emissions resulting in 16 enthusiastic students volunteering to become Green Guardians. See page 7 for more information on improving Leiston’s carbon footprint.