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2000 of these magazines are printed per month. 1500 are delivered door to door and the remaining 500 are distributed between outlets, eateries and local businesses.

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May Edition

Welcome back to all our readers, advertisers and contributors! After a year that felt as if it would never end….here we are, at last, in spring, with the world of nature reassuringly leading the way out of the darkness. 

January Edition

When you read this we shall have said goodbye (and good riddance) to an old year full of anxiety, sadness and disappointment. And, whilst it is by no means certain that 2021 will bring an end to all our difficulties, there are reasons to hope that it will at least be an improvement. 

November Edition

Some good news at last! As you’ll see in the following pages, several of our local arts organisations have received government grants to help them recover from the financial blow of many months of restricted activities.