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August Edition

Our cover photo this month is a tribute to Aldeburgh’s lifeboat crew who are looking for more volunteers, take a look at page 9 if you would like to learn more and maybe consider joining this station, which has been in Aldeburgh since 1851. 

July Edition

Welcome to my first Aldeburgh Times, which I will now be editing in-house along with our other titles. I’d like to start by wishing Penny all the very best for her retirement, we will all miss her visits to the office and her contribution to the Tide Collection. 

June Edition

With such a wet and cold spring, and with restrictions on meeting inside, I know we’re all looking forward to summer and the gradual return to more opportunities for events and social gatherings. So let’s hope that June sees the beginning of all that – at least our gardens should be lush and green by the time the sunshine reappears! (By the way, don’t forget to visit the Sensory Garden at Aldeburgh Hospital – a photo from last year was on the cover of the May issue.)