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January Edition

As I write this in yet another time of uncertainty I sincerely hope everyone has been able to see their loved ones at Christmas and we can all look forward to Covid becoming a distant memory in 2022. Rather a special year for me as my first grandchild, a little girl, was born at the beginning of December. . 

December Edition

We are very excited because, for the first time, Aldeburgh Museum is hosting an exhibition outside the Moot Hall – at Aldeburgh Gallery in the High Street. We have lots of paintings and old photographs that we don’t have the space to show in the Museum so, for nearly a week just before Christmas, we are taking over the Gallery. 

November Edition

Each year Aldeburgh Yacht Club awards The Boo Trophy for ‘inclusiveness, good sportsmanship, kindness I am so pleased to include our Christmas Feature once again! This year hopefully most of us can once again enjoy the party season, a great excuse to buy a new outfit and shake off the past 18 months with good food, dancing and a tipple or two, or a visit to a show or theatre. Be sure to check out our centre pages!