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October Edition

As I write this, in September we are still holding on to summer with warmth and sunshine and pages 8 & 9 feature photos of the glorious, sunny weekend of Aldeburgh carnival and the events which took place – see if you can spot yourself! 

On a more serious note, with climate change very much on people’s minds, you are invited to chat about plans for increasing the resilience of the Alde & Ore estuary flood defences, with ample opportunity for questions and answers during a panel discussion. See page 7 for more details. 


September Edition

Having a 20 month old granddaughter brought more joy to my Aldeburgh carnival experience, watching her take in all the new sights and sounds – and what a great carnival it was, the tropical theme brought a lovely colourful element to both participants in the parade and spectators – there seemed to be many more visitors this year! A very well done to all the hardworking volunteers who make this event possible. Our cover photo of Carnival Queen, Bo Buzzard was taken by John Prodger. There will be more carnival photos in our October edition.  

August Edition

Along with a few new additions to Aldeburgh carnival this year another big change is the retirement of Chief Marshall, Trevor Harvey, who is such a familiar sight leading the parade every year. Trevor has been involved with the carnival since the early 1960s, joined the committee in 1966 and has been Chief Marshal since 1972. What an achievement! I’m sure everyone will join me in thanking Trevor for his dedication and service for so many years. Trevor has accepted the title of Honorary Chief Marshal and his daughter Louise will now follow in his footsteps as Chief Marshal.