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February Edition

Our environment appears to be the priority this month with a clean up of the river Fromus planned, a review of the meeting to discuss National Grid’s SEALINK proposals and of course recent flooding which is ever more frequent. If you wish to get involved maybe join the working party for the river clean or go along to council meetings and have your say – the presence of members of the public is welcomed!  

January Edition

It is good to hear that Julia Ewart, is letting us know she is trying to get somewhere with the ongoing flooding issues (see page 7). Despite the many years the Leiston Road flooding has been constantly referred to on the chat pages of both Leiston & Saxmundham no-one ‘in the know’ ever seems to come forward and tell us exactly why a permanent solution has not been found. It baffles me and frustrates many, particularly as the alternative routes are becoming just as flooded. Let’s hope the recent amusing ‘signage’ and publicity will jolt someone into action! 

December Edition

As another year comes to a close I would like to thank our loyal advertisers who, as our magazines are free of charge, keep them going. I, in turn, ensure they are distributed far and wide, so they are repaid with plenty of business! 

I would also like to thank those who have contributed editorial throughout the year to the Saxmundham News – they not only support this magazine by bringing us news of their events, activities and fundraising – they give much of their time and effort to supporting their communities by getting involved, and for that I am sure we are all very grateful.