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2000 of these magazines are printed per month. 1500 are delivered door to door and the remaining 500 are distributed between outlets, eateries and local businesses.

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Areas covered by the Saxmundham News:

Saxmundham, Ipswich, Sizewell, Halesworth, Aldeburgh, Leiston – and more!

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March Edition

The start of spring always brings more events and activities and the events programme at The Market Hall is being expanded. The council are keen to encourage different types of acts to make use of the excellent stage facilities. See page 5 if you are interested in hosting or performing events. Saxmundham Museum will reopen for the season and IP17GNS will be bringing back their popular ‘Funky Fridays’ for the Easter holidays. All good news as we shake off the winter blues! 

February Edition

Spring is not far away – a time of growth – and in these difficult times I’m sure we are all hoping this will apply to our economy! This month’s editorial is aimed at local businesses – if you want more customers or wish to increase your ticket sales why not get in touch about advertising with us? Signing up for a few months will get you a discount and keep your name out there – if people don’t know about you, they won’t spend their money with you. If they do they may well use your services or attend your event and your outlay will be covered. As well as appearing in our magazines, (which we know our readers engage with, as they tell us), we will also give your advert a plug on our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Our ethos is to provide free local news to the community, whilst supporting local businesses who, in turn, support us by keeping our publications going. 

January Edition

Here’s hoping 2023 brings something positive. I’m tempted not to switch the news on anymore, what with the cost of living crisis, strikes and the situation in Ukraine. I wish they would add a bit of good news now and again! Hopefully you all managed a great Christmas, even if money is tight, as being with those we love most is the best gift of all. Things must get better!