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October Edition

Our cover photo was chosen to mark Greener Sax’s Hedgehog campaign which begins at the end of the month. I think most people love these little creatures who are, sadly, on the decline so why not pop along to the two events they are holding, which also gets children involved, to see how we can all help preserve the species in Saxmundham? See page 5 for details. 

September Edition

To me the summer has seemed very short – with restrictions due to Covid and not the best weather – but we must now look towards autumn and with that in mind Greener Sax members are proposing a Hedgehog awareness raising week in October and are seeking volunteers for activities as are the Saxmundham Poppy Appeal. See pages 4 & 13 if you feel you can help. I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated. 

August Edition

Much as I hate to mention Christmas in the middle of summer, organising events takes time and after the restrictions of the past year it would be lovely to make sure Saxmundham’s Christmas Event is full of fun activities and well attended, so why not take a stall and raise funds at the same time?