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October Edition

The Patient Participation Group in association with Saxmundham Health’s Film club is bringing people together, providing lifts to and fro, tea and cake as well as the film of course! Social isolation not only affects mental health but can increase the risks of disease too. With the health service stretched unfortunately mental health seems to take a back seat, despite the benefits of prevention – so hats off to Saxmundham Health for this initiative and well done to all the volunteers who take time out to make this possible.  

September Edition

It’s good to see new events coming up at the Market Hall in the next few weeks – with Dr & The Epics bringing classic hits and dance-floor fillers in September and in October there will be a Real Ales Beer Festival, also featuring live music on all three days! Do go along and support these events, have a drink and a dance on your own doorstep and hopefully if these are well supported it will lead to more events bringing the community together. 

August Edition

Saxmundham Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by a large majority so in future residents of Saxmundham will have more say on the design and location of development which can only be a good thing as the town grows. Sport is on our agenda this month with news of the Tour of Britain coming to Saxmundham, a celebration of the achievements of Saxmundham Judo Club and registrations are open for the Saxmundham Running and Fitness Club annual Five Mile Race being held later this year. All ages are covered so maybe something to sign up for and do as a family?