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Areas covered by the Saxmundham News:

Saxmundham, Ipswich, Sizewell, Halesworth, Aldeburgh, Leiston – and more!

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November Edition

Lots happening in Saxmundham in the coming weeks! Work on Memorial Field is well underway, as passers-by will have noticed, the Rededication will take place on 5th November. The usual Remembrance Ceremony, Parade and Service will of course take place and there is a Craft & Handmade Market and Victorian Christmas Fayre where you can enjoy the community festive spirit and maybe purchase some Christmas presents, to look forward to. See page 5 for dates and times.  

October Edition

We felt we had to mark the Queen’s passing this month, hence our cover. Like most people she is the only monarch I have ever known and it felt like she would be with us forever. A truly remarkable 70 year reign it is hard to find fault with. Whatever your views on Royalty you can’t help but admire her dedication, hard work (how many people work for 70 years of their life?) and sense of duty – the likes of which I doubt we will ever see again. 

September Edition

The return of Sax Fest was blessed with fabulous weather, thankfully. When you think about it, Saxmundham is only a small town and thanks to Terry Barrow and his hardworking team of volunteers a great festival is produced for the whole community to get together and enjoy. Great headliners and a chance to showcase local talent – of which we have plenty! Well done all. And a big thank you to talented photographer Christian Barker for the Sax Fest photo on our cover, and the photos on pages 8 & 9. Some great shots that sum up a great weekend.