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August Edition

Saxmundham celebrated a very successful day marking the 750th anniversary of being granted their first market charter. Lots to see and do all around the town – the many people it attracted can only be a positive for local businesses and organisations. Well done all! I’m sure Sax Community Fest will be equally well attended – let’s hope they get the same weather! 

July Edition

Saxmundham has two major events in July – firstly something a bit different as we go back to medieval times to celebrate the 750th anniversary of Saxmundham receiving its Market Charter in 1272. With a Vintage & Antiques Market, a medieval procession and encampment and plenty of entertainment and performances all around town – put 9th July in your diaries and support this original community event! 

June Edition

It was a squeeze to get everything in this month, which is good, plenty going on, so thank you for keeping me posted! Summer always brings lots of events and activities, which we have missed the last couple of years and there will be something different this year – it’s not often Henry III and a medieval encampment appear in the town so be sure to keep the 9th July free!