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As well as our printed magazines we now have our Tide Collection Online Edition with lots more articles and events in your area that you may not have seen in your printed editions. 

July Edition

The words ‘Suffolk Remembers’ were illuminated along Felixstowe seafront, as Suffolk Day 2021 drew to a close and the community gathered to celebrate and remember loved ones in support of St Elizabeth Hospice. 

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June Edition

Helping people to enjoy and improve their local environment. Since 2012, EDF has granted more than £300,000 to community projects through the Amenity and Accessibility Fund.  Galloper Wind Farm has granted a further £77,000 to community projects over the past six years through the Galloper Wind Farm Fund.

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May Edition

Suffolk Libraries has teamed up with Featherbed Tales to provide a new way for people to share stories with children or loved ones. 

Suffolk Libraries is the first library service to work with Featherbed Tales who make it possible to read, record and share one of their special children’s stories using your own voice. 

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