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January Edition

As I write this all news seems negative but looking at the positives – it could be a lot worse! Imagine if our wonderful scientists hadn’t brought us vaccines? We would all still be in lockdown, the health service would be on its knees, along with the economy and the number of deaths unthinkable – not to mention many more people like Kate Garraway and her family living with the long-term effects. 

December Edition

Halesworth Town Council’s environment committee would like to thank all residents and visitors to the town who came to the Climate Change Exhibitiion and filled out the questionnaires. We asked you to tell us what ‘they’ – the government should do, what ‘we’ – Halesworth residents should do, and what ‘I’ – you as an individual should do. See more page 7.

November Edition

Halesworth’s Neighbourhood Plan is nearly ready and a weekend has been planned for you, the people of Halesworth, to get involved so be sure to go along and find out more – see page 4 for further details