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October Edition

I received a phone call the other day from a carer who looks after a gentleman who has, sadly, been unable to leave his flat since lockdown at the end of March and who enjoys reading our magazines and it occurred to me that if there are any communal areas for the elderly or disabled where I could drop several copies of our magazines in on a regular basis please let me know. I will be very happy to do so. 

September Edition

The pandemic has not stopped Leiston Community Land Trust moving forward, they have been busy meeting virtually on Zoom and work has begun to create a focal point for the town in United Church thoroughfare. It’s encouraging to learn that two new outlets are planned for the town also, positive signs! If you would like to get involved with the Trust why not consider becoming a Trustee? Please see page 5 

August Edition

We are back in print and very pleased to bring your free, monthly, local magazine back to you! Please note we have more news in the bumper online editions of all our 6 titles, so please visit www.tidecollection.com and take a look – it is very easy to access and navigate – just click on the latest editions.