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October Edition

As I write this, at the autumn equinox, there is great uncertainty building about what path we will follow as the seasons turn and we head into the winter months. The weather has been glorious, and we have all been able to spend plenty of time outdoors and enjoy the benefits of living by the sea – and being able to go to the beach at quiet times of the day. 

September Edition

The recent spell of hot weather has enabled us all to enjoy the outdoor kind of life we used to go abroad to find. And with the uncertainty of the next year or more hanging over us, those of us who are lucky enough to have gardens have a newfound appreciation for these quiet spaces where we can relax and chat to friends and family. Karen’s rhubarb may be challenging, but I know there are plenty of other things in her garden which make her smile! 

August Edition

Hello again after what seems like a very long and very strange time. We’re back in print now and here to support you as we all begin to emerge from our cocoons – like butterfl ies taking our fi rst tentative fl ight into the outside world!