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NCR Sets, Pads & Books
NCR Books

An NCR book is like a pad but one or more of the parts stay glued in the book and the other parts have a perforated edge so they can be torn from the book. NCR books are often used for receipts, invoices and purchase orders.

NCR Pads

An NCR pad is when NCR sets are glued together to create a pad of sets. 50 sets per pad is standard but you can have as little or as many sets per pad as you require. The glue allows individual sets to be removed from the pad. NCR pads are often used for service forms, sales order and purchase order forms.

NCR Sets

An NCR set is when all parts of the form are glued together on one edge to create a multipart form. NCR Sets are often used for invoices, delivery notes and hire forms.

You can use NCR for invoices, delivery notes, credit or hire application forms, order forms, sales enquiries, accident books, purchase orders, receipts, insurance claims, picking lists or waiter pads.

NCR sets, pads or books can be produced in any size, landscape or portrait – and quantities to meet your specific requirements.  These are premium quality duplicate sets that can be lithographically or full colour digitally printed on carbonless paper.  You can choose from white, pink, green, yellow or blue for the copy.  We can use your logo to match your letterheads and stationery and will make your requirements into sets, pads or books, perforated and numbered.