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Digital & Lithographic Printing

Digital Print

Digital print is a technology perfectly suited to short run, low cost, full colour printing, but that does not mean it is second best. With digital printing you can achieve high quality prints in short timescales and low costs.

Digital printing is fast. Your artwork is loaded quickly and easily direct to our servers. Our digital presses then produce quality prints direct from your artwork.

With digital print we can produce short runs at a reasonable cost which allows your printing to be personalised. Names, addresses or any any chosen field including images can be changed on-press while a job is running. Small audiences can be targeted, activities supposedly un-economic can become a practical proposition, making digital printing perfect for highly-personalised, highly targeted campaigns that make full use of market data and mailing lists.

Lithographic Print

Lithographic print still produces the highest quality, most prestigious work. It is excellent for creating a medium to long print of exceptional standard.

We have worked directly with designers for a number of years and are expert in helping them reach their goals.

So not only can we advise on paper stocks, on finishing processes, or on artwork techniques, we are happy to push the boundaries of print and print finishing to achieve the results the original design demands.

But in order to break the rules, you need to know what they are - and we know the high standards that good litho sets - and precisely how to reach them.